Monday, January 15, 2018

"Linger," The Cranberries

Every now and then, a song is released that is so perfect that it feels like a miracle.  The Cranberries' "Linger" is such a song.  It's been a while since I listened to the car radio on a regular basis, but back in the Nineties, this was a song that I always looked forward to hearing.  A song that, for the little more than four minutes of its playing time, would make all right with the world.  I never bought the album, so

Last fall, I stopped at a garage sale, and found the album buried in a big box of old CDs.  I bought it for this one song, and have yet to listen to any of the others.  Sometimes, the space in the CD cabinet is worth spending for one song.

Today came the news that lead singer Dolores O'Riordan has died, much too young at the age of 46.  But her voice will live on forever, with this song (and many others).


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