Monday, October 15, 2007

Running the Gauntlet of Ticketmaster

Sure it's convenient, but sometimes Ticketmaster almost makes me nostalgic for the days when you had to drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to go stand in line at the nearest BASS outlet to buy tickets for concerts that were in great demand.

But thanks to a little luck and nimble fingers, I was able to navigate through the system this morning to score tickets for Bruce Springsteen's October 25 show in Oakland. And that's even with having to change my password twice and enter in a new credit card number, all within the 3-minute deadline for completing that particular page.

Which means that non-Springsteen fans should beware, because about to commence here is a Springsteen festival - accounts of all the concerts I've been lucky enough to attend, plus other fun stuff that pops into my mind between now and a week from Thursday. So in the days to come, memories of the following concerts:

October 1980 - Oakland
September 1981 - San Diego
September 1985 - Oakland
May 1988 - Mountain View
October 1992 - Mountain View
October 1999 - Oakland
June 2000 - New York City
April 2003 - Sacramento

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