Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Longest Week Continues

Day two of annual conference week, and I'm either getting old or my stamina just isn't what it used to be, because I feel way too exhausted for there being four more days on the docket. Hopefully the second wind will kick in tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I need to quit getting up early for a run - but the route is so scenic, it's hard to pass up.

Tonight was our traditional (if you can call two years a tradition) departmental dinner, and the choice was a good one: Red Pearl Kitchen, in the Gaslamp District. We had the less expensive of two fixed-price options, and there was so much food that I can't imagine what the more expensive of the two options must be like. The Web site describes the cuisine as follows:

The extensive menu offers a new twist on traditional Pan-Asian Cuisine and is great for individual or family-style dining; guests can select from a wide array of Dim Sum, Salad, Hot Pot, Curry, Noodle, Wok-Fired, and Vegetable dishes.

I don't even remember everything we had, but from dim sum to dessert, it was all excellent. And it was definitely a wide array - in fact, I feel wider already.

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