Saturday, December 29, 2007


Wow. What a great game. What a great advertisement for the NFL, and for sportsmanship in general. What an incredible performance by Tom Brady. And what a public relations coup by the NFL Network.

Even though I almost always root for the underdog, I had to root for the Patriots in this one - the sense of history was just too overwhelming.

Of course I'll keep watching, but basically the season is over. The Colts are great as well, but I just can't imagine any scenario that ends with the Patriots in defeat. Just too many weapons; too many brains at work. Not only are they better than everyone else, they're better coached and better prepared. To hell with those who would cast a pall on their season because of "spygate" - you can't honestly tell me that made any difference. And at this point, a Patriots championship would be more than worth it just to wipe those self-satisfied, arrogant smirks off the faces of the members of the 1972 Dolphins - who have done nothing but diminish their role in history with their annual, juvenile "champagne toast" ritual. I defended them back in the day (even had a letter to that effect printed in Sports Illustrated, when I was 13 years old), but enough is enough. Give it up, guys. Having company at the mountaintop doesn't make what you accomplished any less important or meaningful.

A few random notes:

- Major kudos to the Giants. With nothing to gain and much to lose in the form of injuries, they played what was unquestionably their best game of the year. No shame in losing, the way they played tonight.

- I've read a lot of bitching about Bryant Gumbel's play-by-play, but I thought that he was excellent.

- Cris Collinsworth was better than that - he was flat-out great in the analyst role.

- Roger Goodell is one smart dude- if this doesn't give the NFL the high road in their ongoing battle with the cable giants, nothing will.

Congratulations, Patriots!

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