Monday, December 31, 2007

"I Want To Bite The Hand That Feeds Me"

I had intended to post this on December 17, the 30th anniversary of Elvis Costello's first (only?) appearance on "Saturday Night Live." The brain cells being what they are these days, of course I forgot.

This is one of the great moments in televised rock history, because it really was unscripted - Costello starts to sing "Less than Zero," but stops the band a few bars in and immediately tears into "Radio Radio," which would appear on his forthcoming "This Year's Model" album. It wasn't exactly a torch passing, but it definitely was a sign that a different kind of music was about to kick the jams out of a lot of lazy, aging rockers who had rested on their laurels for most of the seventies.

To this day it may be Elvis' greatest song. Of course, today he has become just about as respectable as one can possibly be, but in his "Angry Young Elvis" phase he was a sight to behold.

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