Monday, December 31, 2007

So THAT'S What A Win Feels Like! had been so long, I'd almost forgotten.

It wasn't the bowl game that Bears fans were looking forward to in August or September or October or even November, but after a disastrous second half of the season, it was nice to see the Golden Bears bounce back, look great on offense, and beat a good team. And it was awfully sporting of them to spot the Air Force Falcons 21 points before finally turning on the afterburners. Aside from the late fumble Justin Forsett played great, Kevin Riley got the redemption that I'm sure he had been praying for since the Oregon State game, DeSean Jackson had his moments, and Jeff Tedford got to keep his record of winning seasons intact.

So while it may not have been the season we were hoping for, there's certainly something to look forward to in 2008. Not the least of which is the Big Game returning to its traditional Saturday-before-Thanksgiving date, which means that I'll be there once again.

Roll on you Bears...

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