Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two Work Related Confessions

This is a dangerous thing for me to do, since several of my colleagues read my blog on a regular basis. But, here goes.

1) Yesterday afternoon, I got the following email from a co-worker:

I put together that information you asked me for last week in our meeting and was hoping I could share it with you real quick this afternoon. I know you’re busy but was hoping you might be able to slip me in before you start a couple of really busy days.

Nice guy that I am, of course I replied that he/she should come right on down. The problem? I had no idea - not even an inkling - what he/she was talking about. Now, as soon as he/she put the information under my nose, I remembered. But still...too busy, or premature senility? Not for me to decide.

2) On our phone system, there is this neat trick where you can leave a message on someone else's voicemail in the building without having their phone ring. I hate it when someone does it to me, because I'll be sitting there, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I look down and the message light is red. Huh!?!?! I've been sitting right here! Why didn't the person leaving the message just come in and talk to me? I've often thought to myself, "gee, I wish I knew how to do that; then I could respond to the message with one of my own!" I could have asked someone how to do it, but hey - that would have been too easy.

The confession? This morning, when I checked my voicemail, I accidentally hit the wrong sequence of phone keys, and voila! I discovered how to do it. And I'm very much looking forward to utilizing this new knowledge.

Judge me if you must.

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