Saturday, May 03, 2008

More Answers

For an explanation of what this all means, see the previous post.

because he had a sense of a transcendent plane from which he was barred but wanted to work against

because we like to know a lot that we aren't told

because only the fear of life and death could beguile him to find the slightest meaning

because frozen memories gleam amid the blackness of loss

because the final five songs they played at their last ever show at High Hall, Birmingham University on May 2nd 1980, were Transmission, Disorder, Isolation, Decades and Digital, as always performing as if it was going to be the last show they ever did, even though they didn't really believe it would be, but it was

An odd coincidence, that I should happen to buy the album on the anniversary of their last show.

And this morning, I noticed something that escaped my attention yesterday - these writings are by Paul Morley, adapted from chapters LIV and LXIII of Piece by Piece: Writings About Joy Division 1977-2007.

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