Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Dorm

Deutsch Hall on Durant Avenue in Berkeley, south of the campus, where I spent 9 months of my life in 1980-81. The lowest floor with a balcony, the third floor, was where I lived. My room was on the far left, at the end of the hall.

I'm not sure when these dorms were built, but I like to call this architectural style "Early American Communist." The X's across the windows on the left side of the building were not there 28 years ago, so I assume they were added to bolster the building's defenses against an earthquake.

We strolled past the dorms on our way to a campus tour, and of course I had to show the kids where I spent some of my formative years. The details I kept to myself.

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Tom the Dog said...

The X's weren't there the last time I saw the dorms in the early '90s, either.

So you were in Unit I, eh? I lived in the carbon copy Unit II dorms on Haste Street. Griffith Hall, I think my building was called (I can't believe I'm having trouble remembering, I lived there for 2 years!). I was in my dorm room on the 6th floor when the big quake hit in '89. That was scary! That building rocked back and forth like crazy. The X bracings are probably a very good idea.

The Unit III dorms (also on Durant) were brand new in my Freshman year, and while they were much nicer and newer than Units I and II, they were still very similar in design. The new dorms you show in the next post -- holy COW. Those would've been nice!