Monday, September 29, 2008

NO Monday Night

After a long day of conferencing (not that anyone was wondering, but I'm here for the Summit for Courageous Conversation, about which I will write later, once I've had time to reflect on the experience), I walked down the Riverwalk, over to Decatur Street near Cafe Du Monde, and then through some different, non-Bourbon Street parts of the French Quarter this evening. I was delighted to discover some quiet, dare I say it more authentic portions of the neighborhood. Had dinner at a corner restaurant called Pere Antoine, complete with open-air windows and perfect ambiance, and then decided to catch the early jazz show at Preservation Hall, which tonight featured the 726 Jazz Band. It was great; with the highlight being "Baby Face," dedicated to a smiling two-year old girl who danced most of the show away. Good stuff.

Some photos from the walk appear in the posts above this one.

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