Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Version of This Weekend's SNL Debate Skit

Or at least the opening of the sketch:

Senator McCain: Well Bob, Americans are angry. And they're hurting. And they're angry. And a lot of the ones I've talked to are hurting. And the rest are angry. And did I mention that they're hurting? And they're angry - especially Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber, he's angry and he's hurting. And he's a plumber, and his name is Joe. And he's angry. And he's hurting.

Tonight was the first time during any of the four debates that I found myself frothing with anger. Though I'm a life-long Democrat, I've found myself moving much closer to the center of the political spectrum in recent years. In statewide elections, I've voted for at least as many Republicans as Democrats in the last several cycles, including a vote for the recall of Gray Davis.

But tonight, I found myself utterly appalled and disgusted at John McCain. I'm sorry, but if the man cannot keep his cool in this setting, if he cannot look presidential in the most controlled of environments, how in the world can anyone expect him to remain cool when the situation demands it, and there is no script to follow? I just thought it was an awful performance, and it fills me with dread for the prospect of what the next three weeks are going to look like.

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