Sunday, January 11, 2009

Terry Bradshaw Is An Idiot

This morning on the FOX pre-game show (which I watch only to see how Frank Caliendo is going to skewer the cast each week), Terry Bradshaw went on a little soliloquy about how championships validate the careers of the best players; sort of a "separate the men from the boys" kind of argument.

All well and good, but I've really got to take issue with Bradshaw's back-handed slap (actually, it was more of a frontal assault) on Peyton Manning, with his pithy little comment about Manning's 6 "1 and out" playoff seasons. Sure, it is fair to include that in any assessment of Manning's career. But Terry? In case you were just drinking heavily or was just otherwise disengaged two seasons ago, Manning did win a Championship. Which means that he's got as many championships as some other Hall of Fame quarterbacks, guys like...say, Johnny Unitas and Steve Young. No, he doesn't have as many as Terry Bradshaw, but then again Manning hasn't exactly been blessed with the Steel Curtain, has he?

It's not as if Manning needs someone like me to defend him, but in this case I will, gladly. Who knows - maybe Terry is just jealous that Manning has taken the "good ol' southern boy" act and turned it into a goldmine of commercials and print advertisements. In any event, it's just another black mark on Bradshaw's undistinguished broadcast career - which amounts to, as Keith Jackson once famously said about Don Meredith, "corn pone and bullsh*t, which is fine if you like that stuff."

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