Thursday, April 02, 2009

Records - More of What You Want!

Springsteen review forthcoming, as I wait for my ears to stop ringing.

In the meantime, what I hope is a fun interlude.

During the holidays, one of my friends and her husband decided to get rid of their old record collection, and knowing that I still have one, gave me first crack at it before they carted it down to the used record store. I ended up taking a dozen or so, stuff that looked to be in good shape (the covers, at least) and had some historical value - "Music from Big Pink," Led Zeppelin's debut, stuff like that. One of the others I took was Dylan's "Nashville Skyline," and I listened to it for the first time over the weekend. Not in great shape aurally, but the selection was well worth it just for the advertisement on the record sleeve. Called "Here's How Records Give You More of What You Want," the ad lists 8 reasons why you should choose records. They're all pretty good fodder for blogging, so let's get started.

THEY ALLOW SELECTIVITY OF SONGS AND TRACKS. With records it's easy to pick out the songs you want to play, or to play again a particular song or side. All you have to do is lift the tone arm and place it where you want it. You can't do this as easily with anything but a phonograph record.

Very, very true, even though they kind of skipped the "get out of your comfortable chair and walk across the room" part. But I agree that it's not as easy with anything else - I tried it once with our washing machine, and it didn't work anywhere near as well.

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