Thursday, May 28, 2009

Background for the Legendary Yearbook Note

I got a lot of feedback on whether or not to post the note, and I decided that I'm going to post some excerpts along with some pithy annotation. But in the meantime, some valuable background.

- Our first date was her Senior Ball, to which she asked me.

- I wore a powder blue tux on that date, with ruffled shirt. For reasons that are still unclear to me today, I parted my hair in the middle.

- I got home from that date at 4 a.m. Mom and dad were not pleased.

- We met at McDonalds, where we both worked.

- We dated for six months.

- In the last month of our relationship, she was secretly dating one of my "friends."

- Everyone we worked with took my side after the breakup.

- In the time we were together, we saw a lot of movies, including Rocky, Network, Annie Hall, and Star Wars. Now let that sink in for a minute. Four notable, if not historic, movies. She didn't like any of them.

- Her favorite movie of the ones we saw that summer was The Other Side of Midnight.

OK, you're almost ready...

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