Monday, May 25, 2009

Yearbook Autographs Part III

Part III - "My Friends Were Dorks"

First, an explanation of the photo. This is a picture of the 1978 Decamhian, my senior year, that is currently on sale on E-Bay. I'm not sure what is sadder - that someone would sell their old high school yearbook (for $65!), or that someone out there might actually buy it.

But no matter...on to the dorkiness. But again, these notes just make me cringe in contemplation of what I might have written in their yearbooks.

"For your info Jeffrey Marquette was the NCAA champ and Al McGuire is not a commi [sic]. They are No. 1. Wait till next year. Later, Tim. P.S. Marquette Rules."

- Marquette won the NCAA basketball championship that year, and I was not a fan. Based on this, I must have taken Al McGuire's name in vain at some point during the tournament.

"To Jeff: Wherever you go, whatever you do remember: THE OAKLAND RAIDERS RULE!! Mike"

- Except for those years down in L.A., I suppose.

"Jeff - Don't listen to Mike he doesn't know what he is talking about. RAMS RULE! Kevin"

- Those Rams, of course, being the Los Angeles variety. As things turned out, they never ruled.

"Jeff, I just want to say that I am the best basketball player in the world. Kevin"

- That was Kevin the previous year. Kevin was about 5'2".

"Jeff, I guess it was only sheer luck that I had you in only one class. Have a good summer and may Zaius watch over you always. Thomas



- Thomas and I had an ongoing debate over the relative merits of Roxy Music and Styx. I'd like to think that history has vindicated me. The Zaius thing still mystifies me today...but there were several guys that walked around saying "May Zaius be with you" for about four months.

Next installment: A sneak preview of the single most embarrassing yearbook note in the history of humankind.

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