Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top 25 Albums of the 2000s, #6 - "Life'll Kill Ya," Warren Zevon

"He was so proud of that album. He told me, 'One day you and I are going to be up there getting an award, weeping too hard to be able to speak.'"

- Jorge Calderon

To say it now probably seems sentimental, but there's no doubt that in the years immediately preceding his death, Warren Zevon enjoyed an artistic renaissance the likes of which hasn't been seen this side of Bob Dylan. The album that began that renaissance, the greatest album of his long, but too short, career, was "Life'll Kill Ya."

It's the most best and most consistent album of his career, one that positively cracks with wit, humor, and a wry touch of sadness. After hundreds of listens, the album's first song, "I Was In The House (When The House Burned Down)" stands as one of the very best he ever wrote. The ones that follow, including "Porcelain Monkey," "Don't Let Us Get Sick," and the immortal "My Shit's Fucked Up," aren't far behind.


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Charlene said...

You are so right -- very few songwriters have produced such strong work throughout their careers; even those commonly considered the best some up with strong material when young, then coast for the rest of their careers. Warren Zevon was the rare exception.