Saturday, August 21, 2010

Whistling Straits PGA Recap

Still getting caught up on some things I wanted to write about.

I watched almost the entire final round of the PGA Championship last Sunday, and even before the Dustin Johnson episode, I was all set to say the real winner of the tournament was the golf course, Whistling Straits.

But in this case, I'm not sure that's a great thing. On the one hand, I'd much rather watch a tournament being played on the Straits than I would at, say, Firestone, a course that is so dull and unpleasing to the eye (at least on television) that I chuckle every time I see the overhead shots from the blimp. At the same time, I think Whistling Straits is Pete Dye run amok, and that most of the features that make it look interesting have very little to do with the play.

And while the two-stroke ruling against Johnson for grounding his club in a bunker was the correct call, I really have to question the fairness of what happened. The whole "outside the lines" aspect of the drama just seemed a bit distasteful to me.

Kudos to Martin Kaymer for his victory. I was rooting for Bubba Watson, but I really like the looks of Kaymer - and I fear his steady impact on the upcoming Ryder Cup matches. The guy just looks like an unflappable machine - it doesn't look like Ryder Cup pressure is going to get to him in the least.

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