Monday, January 03, 2011

Random Sports Notes

- Who knows whether the Pinstripe Bowl will advance past its current status as a second-tier bowl game, but given the awesome sight of seeing a football game played in Yankee Stadium, I'd say that it stands a chance. And yes, I know the sight lines in a baseball park are not ideal for football, I think it would be very cool if the Giants and Jets played one game there every year.

- Even without a Pac-10 representative, the Rose Bowl is still the Rose Bowl. And this was a classic matchup, and in the end I was glad to see TCU win. With their impending move to the Big East, it is highly unlikely that the Horned Frogs will ever make another trip to Pasadena (unless they play UCLA in the regular season), and they made the most of their one chance at the most historic venue in all of college football. And it was a great game, although I have no idea what was going on with Wisconsin's offensive game plan in the second half. You've got the biggest offensive line in the world, and you're throwing the ball on first down? Made no sense at all.

- What exactly does Gary Kubiak have to do to get fired? I suppose Houston is to be credited for its patience, but you have to wonder what it will take - especially when coaches with better records are let go almost every season.

- You know what game I'd really like to see right now? Stanford playing Oregon on a neutral field. Stanford is a lot better now than they were in October, when the Ducks handed them their only loss, and I'm not sure the Ducks are quite as good. There's no question that Stanford is the most balanced team in college football, and after their annihilation of Virginia Tech in tonight's Orange Bowl, I don't feel so bad about The Big Game last November.

- Brett who?

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