Thursday, January 06, 2011

Working Late, Keeping Sane

Several of the blogs I read on a regular basis have recently run posts that talk about taking the time to do the things that enrich your life. Not in a heavy-handed or “you should be ashamed of yourself for spending so much time on the Internet” sort of way, but just in a matter-of-fact, straightforward style. Basically, just saying that it’s time to stop complaining about not having the time to do things like read and write, and make the time to do it.

The other night, one of my Facebook friends updated his status with the following comment: “There is no inherent value in working late…none.” Now that really got me to thinking, because I am a chronic “late-worker.” Without going into great detail, my work situation has been somewhat unique for a while now, and I’ve taken to keeping a notepad with me at all times just to write down new things on my “to do” list. It’s not numbered, so I can’t say how many things are on it, except to say that it’s a lot. Working through it and getting to the bottom of it between the hours of 8 and 6 is not going to happen anytime soon.

So for me, I suppose the inherent value in working late is that it allows me to stay as close to sane as possible. Having said that, I am bound and determined to read more in 2011, to write more in 2011, and yes – to write more in 2011. But as evidenced by the lack of posts in this first week of the year, it may be a more difficult challenge than I can meet.

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