Friday, April 22, 2011

Rock and Roll Contest!

About which rock and roll legend was the following written:

"She'd been dancing awhile when I first saw her. She walked into that Upper West Side party like a Jersey urchin who'd just inherited Manhattan. All in black - turtleneck and tight black slacks. She seemed more frail than she really was, but not fragile, though you could have counted her ribs, and her jet black hair straggled like waterlogged yarn. Her skin so pale it was nearly translucent, cheeks drawn so tight and thin I was tempted to pull her aside and offer her a decent meal. If only her teeth had been half rotted, she would have passed for Keith Richard's waif sister."

Bonus points if you can identify the author.


Los said...

Joan Jett? Hunter S. Thompson?

Jeff V said...


le0pard13 said...

I have no idea (but I wanted to subscribe to the comment so I can learn what it is).

Jeff V said...

I cross posted this on my Facebook page, and the correct answer came in courtesy of my friend Stephanie - Patti Smith, written by the great rock writer Dave Marsh.