Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Songs of Summer, #8 - "Whatcha Gonna Do?" (1977)

Today we head back to the summer of 1977, the summer I was dating a girl named Nancy.  The relationship began in March and was destined to end in November, but without going into a lot of details it became pretty clear over the course of the summer that we weren't heading toward anything approaching a lifetime commitment.  Which is a good thing, considering I was only 17 (she was a year older), and considering that we weren't well matched to start with.  We saw a lot of movies during the six months we were together, including some that I think most neutral observers would agree are enduring classics: "Rocky," "Annie Hall," "Star Wars," even "Smokey and the Bandit."  What was her favorite movie of those we saw together?  "The Other Side of Midnight."  I think that says it all.

We both worked at McDonalds (which made things a bit awkward when we broke up, although I'm happy to report that nearly everyone sided with me), and one of our managers (Greg) was constantly giving her a hard time for not treating me well - and I should note that those were his words, not mine.  After a while, to make his point he'd just start singing "What you gonna do when HE says goodbye...?", until I asked him to stop on the theory that his (not so) subtle dig wasn't helping matters any.

In any event, this song (which, frankly, you don't really hear much anymore) always takes me back to that time.  From the summer of 1977, Pablo Cruise, with "Whatcha Gonna Do?"



le0pard13 said...

You're right, you just don't hear this particular song played on the oldies stations anymore. Great memory, Jeff.

Kristi said...

Say, Jeff -- the other night my husband and I got off on a YouTube tangent watching Stevie Ray Vaughn whale on his guitar (pretty impressive). We were wondering, and you're probably the perfect person to ask: What's the best video of SRV busting strings?

Jeff Vaca said...

Kristi, I'm afraid you stumped me with that one!