Saturday, August 18, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #57 - "Let My Love Open the Door" (1980)

"Hit single" and "Pete Townshend" are not words that you often see together in the same sentence.  Hitting the top of the Top 40 has never seemed to be a goal for Townshend; both his solo work and work with The Who has aimed for deeper accomplishment and meaning.  At the risk of offending rabid Who fans (and boy, there sure are a lot of those) I'd argue that approach has sometimes been to his detriment - if he'd just lighten up a bit now and then, the deep stuff would become all the more meaningful.

"Empty Glass," Townshend's outstanding 1980 solo album, is a case in point.  For the most part, Pete is making a typically heavy statement; however, smack dab in the middle we've got what at first listen might seem to be a mindless ditty but over time proves itself to be an enduring classic.  And the lightness of the song brings the entire album into focus.

"Let My Love Open the Door," Pete Townshend, from the summer of 1980.

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