Friday, September 14, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #87 - "Rambling On My Mind" (1980)

"Just One Night" is my favorite Eric Clapton album, and there are parts of it that I played so often back in the day that the vinyl is almost worn out.  I think Clapton is one of those artists who almost always comes across more effectively in front of an audience than he does in the studio, and even the songs he plays on this record from his late 70s "mellow period" are given a shot in the arm.

"Rambling On My Mind" gives the guitar God an opportunity to show that he's still got a few tricks up his sleeve.  I love the way the song starts out slow, and just builds up momentum until, on the last verse, even Clapton himself gets into the spirit of it with one of the best gravelly vocal moments he'd had for a long, long time.

Eric Clapton, "Rambling On My Mind," from the summer of 1980.


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