Tuesday, September 18, 2012

95 Songs of Summer, #92 - "Keep It Comin' Love" (1977)

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for KC and the Sunshine Band.  They were the epitome of a formula band, and that formula (disco, in case you hadn't noticed) was pretty narrow.  But they made the most of it, and had a great time in the process - running up a string of hit singles that lasted through much of the late 70s era when there was very little middle ground between loving and hating disco.

As for me, I've always subscribed to the theory that has been attributed at different times to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, among others: there are two kinds of music, good music and the other kind. 

And besides - I own this song on a vinyl 45 (but that's not mine in the video below).  How many people can say that in this day and age?

KC and the Sunshine Band, "Keep It Comin' Love," from the summer of 1977.

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