Friday, June 21, 2013

95 More Songs of Summer - "San Francisco"

This will fall into one of two categories - "triumphant return," or "dumbest idea I ever had."

But...ladies and's 95 MORE SONGS OF SUMMER!

We kick off today with a really medicore performance of a song that I thought was really cool when I was 7 years old and can appreciate today for its naivete (at the same time I'm chuckling at how goofy it is).  It takes a while in this clip for the band to figure out what tempo Scott McKenzie wants to sing the song, but after a while it does kick in to a reasonably entertaining groove.

Now mind you, "San Francisco" will never go down as one of the great songs in history - there's a reason you don't hear it played at Giants and 49ers games - but it is an artifact of the times, no doubt.

"San Francisco," Scott McKenzie, from the early summer of 1967. 


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