Saturday, June 22, 2013

95 More Songs of Summer - Bob Seger, "Against the Wind"

Back in the days when Rolling Stone Magazine actually published negative music reviews, Dave Marsh - a longtime fan - just savaged "Against the Wind," calling it "heartless and mediocre," and writing that "all that Seger risks here is his credibility, and that accidentally."

I agree that the production is a little too slick for my taste, but I still like the album - songs like "You'll Accompany Me," Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight" still sound fresh today, as does this tune, the title track.  Marsh's review didn't stop the album from becoming a monster hit, and I'd venture a guess that it was his biggest seller.  It certainly dominated the airwaves during the summer of 1980.

Bob Seger, "Against the Wind," from the summer of 1980

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