Sunday, June 23, 2013

95 More Songs of Summer - "Spinning Wheel"

"What goes up, must come down."

No doubt about it, one of the most recognizable opening lines in pop music history.

More than 40 years later, it's hard to believe that there were discussions about whether Blood, Sweat & Tears or Chicago would leave a more lasting imprint on the pop music scene.  BST had this huge hit, plus a couple of others, and that was about it.  Chicago ruled the airwaves for a good portion of the 70s, gradually morphing from a harder-edged sound to an MOR hit-making machine.

But whether or not they won the battle, BST will always have this song to look back on.

"Spinning Wheel," Blood, Sweat and Tears," from the summer of 1969.


Larry Aydlette said...

Jeff, ever heard Sammy Davis Jr's groovy version?

Jeff Vaca said...

Not only have I heard it, I saw it performed live! July 1977, South Shore Room, Harrah's Tahoe. Great show.