Saturday, August 10, 2013

95 More Songs of Summer - August, 1967

Well now, where did that week go?  Pretty busy at work, sure - but even I was surprised to see how far I've fallen behind.  How to catch up?

Well, how about looking at some songs that were all on the charts during this week in August 1967?

#1 - "A Whiter Shade of Pale" certainly qualifies as a timeless song - it was released in '67, but it would have sounded just as fresh and modern in '77, '87, and so on.  And this is an entertaining video, a true relic of the psychedelic era.  I don't remember much about the Summer of Love myself, but I'm sure this song fit right in.

#2 - Never one of my favorite Beatles songs, but illustrative of the depth of their catalog because it still sounds just fine.  In a year or so, John would be singing "I'm So Tired."

#5 -  "Light My Fire" is the greatest 7-minute single of all time, end of story.  I was never obsessive about the band as some others were, but the debut album was some awesome stuff.

#8 - I can't really come up with a modern version of The Association - their hit songs could be called sappy, but man do they deliver.  I like "Cherish" a little more than this one, but "Windy" is just fine.

#20 - You won't get an argument from me if you want to insist that the 70s was Stevie Wonder's greatest decade, but when you listen to his 60s hits in chronological order, you can hear firsthand how "Little Stevie" matured as an artist and expanded the scope of his art.  Great, great stuff.

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