Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Tale of Two Weddings, or why Blurred Lines is the greatest dance song ever

For those who have been following "95 More Songs of Summer" religiously (both of you) and were wondering to where the countdown wandered off, we attended two weddings this weekend.

Wedding #1 was in San Francisco on Friday night, and both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel on Sutter Street.  The bride was Melissa, who was born 8 days after our own son #1.  Pictured dancing here are Dave and Rebecca, the bride's proud parents, who we lived across the street from for a little over a decade.  Difficult though it may be to believe, the ceremony had been held in this same room a couple of hours earlier, and then the guests retired to a separate room for cocktails (open bar!) and hors d'oeurves.

Wedding #2 was held Saturday evening in San Andreas, at the home of the bride's parents.  The scene was a world away from the previous night - to reach the destination, one was required to travel up a precarious, one-lane and unpaved road into a (according to the groom's father) hastily created "parking lot," at which a shuttle picked you up and transported guests up to the top of the hill (and I'll spare you the "mansion on the hill" jokes I'd prepared for the occasion.  This time, the half of the wedding couple we knew was the groom, the 26-year old son of another couple who lives close to us and used to live very close to us.  The wedding was also catered by friends of ours, and the food was delicious.  Pictured here is the outdoor dance floor, surrounded by the tables where guests ate dinner.

Connecting the two weddings was the playing of "Blurred Lines," once the dancing started and the guests had consumed enough adult beverages to really let loose.  God knows I would never make a claim to being a great dancer (those genes all went to my brother, the chair of the dance department at Cal State, Long Beach), but for an old white guy I can hold my own.  And I've got to say, notwithstanding the controversy surrounding the song, that "Blurred Lines" is one of the most fun songs I've ever danced to.  When you consider it in that context, it's irresistible.

A tiring, but in the best way, way to spend a couple of days.

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