Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wild Card Weekend

I didn't have my act together in time to get my predictions posted, but I would have gone 3/4, missing only the Saints-Eagles game.  However, in the spirit of full disclosure I had no idea we'd see what happened in Indy, even though I'd pegged them as a 31-24 winner.  The Chargers have got a vibe going right now, and until the Bengals prove they can win a playoff game, I'm going to keep picking them to lose.

As for the 49ers, this stretch of last-second triumphs, now three and running, is taking years off my life.  I thought it would be a little easier in Green Bay, but should have known it was a mistake to underestimate Aaron Rodgers.  And that Eddie Lacy?  He can run a little.

I've got a pretty good idea who I'm going with in next week's games, but I'll wait a couple of days to post my picks, just to see if I change my mind.

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