Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Mixtape: "Abel and Cain: Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon"

The origin of this one was Jackson Browne’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  That night, Bruce Springsteen gave a memorable induction speech, which included the following passage:

“The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, they gave us California as paradise and Jackson Browne gave us Paradise Lost. Now I always imagine, what if Brian Wilson, long after he’d taken a bite of that orange the serpent offered to him, what if he married that nice girl in Caroline No? I always figured that she was pregnant anyway, and what if he moved into the valley and had two sons? One of them would have looked and sounded just like Jackson Browne. Cain, of course, would have been Jackson's brother in arms, Warren Zevon. We love ya, Warren. But, Jackson to me, Jackson was always the tempered voice of Abel. Toiling in the vineyards, here to bear the earthly burdens, confronting the impossibility of love, here to do his father’s work. Jackson's work was really California pop gospel.”

It’s not as if I needed an excuse to create a Jackson Browne/Warren Zevon mixtape, given that they’re both on my short list of pantheon artists, but Bruce’s speech was all the incentive I needed.  It doesn’t have a date on it, but I’m guessing sometime in late 2004.

Abel & Cain: Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon

Doctor My Eyes
Redneck Friend
Desperados Under the Eaves
Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Late for the Sky
Before the Deluge
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
Lawyers, Guns and Money
The Pretender

Running on Empty
Sentimental Hygiene
Lawyers in Love
In the Shape of a Heart
Bad Karma
The Indifference of Heaven
Sky Blue and Black
I Was in the House When the House Burned Down
My Ride’s Here
The Naked Ride Home

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