Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Live-Blog #9

- Cink hits a great tee shot.

- Watson is in huge trouble off the tee - is it slipping away?

- Interesting situation for Cink. Outside of his family and friends, there probably isn't a single person on the planet rooting for him right now.

- Blind shot for Watson. No worries, Tom - just the most important shot you've hit since...say, 1984?

- Wonderful shot by Watson. Not a gimme par, but certainly he did what he had to. Even if he heads to 17 down by 2, he's got a chance.

- Jeez, Strange and Judy Rankin practically have Watson dead and buried right now. But we've seen Cink have adventures on the final hole of a major before, so I wouldn't say it's in the bag yet.

- Watson has about a 10-footer for par. It's in!!!! Strange (or is it Azinger?): Par of a lifetime!

- Now Cink has a tester, to keep his lead. He makes it, and they head to 17 with Cink up by one.

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