Sunday, June 24, 2012

Songs of Summer, #1 - "I'm Not in Love" (1975)

10cc was about as arty as you could get in the mid-1970s and still be a pop band.  You had Godley & Creme for the arty stuff, some of which was fun, and some of which was pure sh*t.  And then you had Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman for the pop stuff, and inevitably the band broke up around '76 and the two duos went their separate ways (with Stewart and Gouldman keeping the "10cc" moniker).

But their crowning moment as a quartet was this hit from the summer of 1975, which was all over the radio around the same time that a certain Great White Shark was tearing up the good citizens of Amity Island.

I think it still sounds good, albeit a bit odd, today - "I'm Not in Love," 10cc.

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le0pard13 said...

Great song to start, Jeff. A shout-out and my response can be found here.